Hero Image Summer Yin Masterclass with Melanie McLaughlin

Summer Yin Masterclass with Melanie McLaughlin

15 December, 2018

Summer Yin Masterclass

Working with the element of fire & the meridian summer seasonal tones of Heart, Small Intestine/ Pericardium medicine. The giving and receiving, connecting & the loving, & joy-full-ness of life. We will also ‘indulge’ in the upper body fascial lines and joints –while still including the lower body of course – our intention will be this often less included area in yin.

The Toaist believe spirit is housed in heart; so lets clean house, feather, and nest… and call spirit home!

This class will reset, refresh, support and uplift you so you can glide through December balanced, grounded, peaceful and living and loving from your heart!

“You should sit in nature or stillness for 20 minutes a day ..unless you are busy -and then you should sit for an hour.”  Old Zen Saying


15 December, 2018

Saturday 1:45pm- 3:45pm


InYoga 115 Cooper St Surry Hills 2010



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