Hero Image Alignment, Assisting & Anatomy - 50 hour Teacher Training Nov 2020

Alignment, Assisting & Anatomy - 50 hour Teacher Training Nov 2020

25 November, 2020 to 29 November, 2020

Join Nicole Walsh for this in depth journey into finding the anatomical and energetic intelligence in your students bodies, and how to use hands-on enhancements and assists to help students refine their understanding and practice of yoga asanas.

A skillful hands-on assist is an exceptional teaching tool, and can be transformational and empowering for your students, if the approach is sincere, sensitive and respectful.   A good foundation in Anatomy is essential for yoga teachers to keep students safe, prevent injuries and deal with common anatomical and physiological dysfunctions that can often present in yoga classes.  We'll move towards a deeper understanding of the human body through the structural alignment of the musculoskeletal system and the effect of yoga practice on the body through these key areas:

  • The building blocks of Sthira and Sukha - bones, joints, muscles, connective tissue
  • Physiology of the moving body - healthy biomechanics of strength, flexibility, stability
  • Spine - bones, disks, back and neck pain
  • Lower body - feet, knees, hips, pelvis - from dysfunction to healthy alignment
  • Upper body - hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders - from dysfunction to healthy alignment

Building on an understanding of the anatomical function and alignment, Nicole will guide you through an understanding of the energetic alignment of the body based on the Five Vayus (movements of energy). From this knowledge, you will discover how to apply primary alignment actions within yoga asana through hands-on assisting.  Build a deeper awareness of yoga asana through your own personal practice, hone your hands-on skills through a delicious exchange of hands-on assists with your fellow trainees, expand your teaching repertoire and 'yogic toolkit', while gaining confidence in the classroom whether you are practicing, assisting or teaching.


  • How to cultivate trust and connection - techniques to connect to a student prior to offering a hands-on assist
  • The energetics of the moving body - understand how bodies are designed to move so that your assists become a teaching tool
  • Energetic and structural alignment - understand movements of energy through the body and how the key actions of any asana are enhanced by this knowledge
  • How to see people’s bodies rather than just poses - techniques of observation so you know who, when and how to assist
  • How to help support, stabilise, awaken and deepen your students’ practice through different types of touch
  • The magic of touch - learn the different types of touch and when to use them
  • Empathy - giving and receiving , when to ask for permission and when not to assist
  • The principles of assisting and adjusting - how to be clear about your intention, and adjust with clarity and purpose
  • Taking care of you as the teacher - how to centre and stabilize your own body before supporting a student via a hands-on assist


This course will be held at InYoga training studio, Level 2/137 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW


Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th November 2020, 


Wednesday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Thursday - Friday 7:30am-5:00pm

Saturday - Sunday 8:00am-6:00pm

The course will include morning asana and meditation practice, theory and practical sessions.

Bring a yoga mat, notebook and pen, and an open heart and mind! 

Please note that accommodation and meals are not included.


This training is open to those with a 200hr yoga teacher training qualification. If you have not completed 200-hours of yoga teacher training, please get in touch with us to assess your suitability for this course by contacting teachertraining@inyoga.com.au.


This training forms part of InYoga’s 200, 300/350 and 500-hour teacher training pathways through Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.  Participants who have already completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training will receive a 50 hour certificate for this course.

Please note that this course is 100% face to face, with no further requirement to complete training hours outside of the allotted dates! There will be some homework reading at the end of each day.  Practical assessment for certification will be completed on the final day of the course.


Nicole Walsh



Full payment is required at the time of booking

Cancellation & withdrawal from course

Course fee includes $150 non-refundable administration fee in the event of withdrawal from course. No refund for cancellations within 14 days of course commencing.   Credit can be applied towards any teacher training module within 2 years.


95% attendance is required for a teacher training certificate to be awarded. Students who miss more than 5% of the contact hours may request private tuition at their own cost to make up any missed sessions (costs are $120-$250/hour). This course is competency-based, which means there is no pass or fail.


25 November, 2020 to 29 November, 2020

Wed 9:00am - 5:00pm

Thur - Fri 7:30am-5:00pm

Sat - Sun 8:00am-6:00pm


InYoga Training Studio Level 2/137 Devonshire Street Surry Hills NSW


Price $1095

Please see below for cancellation policies