Earth Day- Chanting Circle with Lulu & Mischka

Earth Day- Chanting Circle with Lulu & Mischka


Saturday Evening | Doors open at 7pm, Kirtan kicks off 7:30pm
115 Cooper St, Surry Hills
NSW 2010

$30 pre- booked online

$35 on the day or at the door


Cancellation Policy: 

No refunds will be given within 48hrs of the event.

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We welcome back International Bhakti Yoga couple, Lulu & Mischka, for their unique chanting circle experience. This time in beautiful alignment with World Earth Day. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year to help lift environmental issues onto the world stage. 

Lulu & Mischka have devoted their life to bringing positive messages through song and sound as well as mantras from various traditions around the world to the hearts of many. 

You are invited to join them on their radiant journey of chanting, as they lead us through a light hearted, ceremonial evening of songs to honour our precious Earth and to remember that we are not separate from our planet and all living beings.

Bhakti Yoga is the practice of devotional love, and what better way to express this than with music! It is through music that we can lift the veils of separation and as we sing reconnect to the space of Oneness. Pure Bliss!

Lulu & Mischka will be accompanied by a selection of exquisite musicians to bring you to the depth of your heart.

No previous experience required - All are welcome!

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